Reiki, along with the use of a pendulum used to balance your Chakras, realign your Assemblage Point, and cleanse your Aura, you will leave feeling a sense of lightness and refreshment within yourself.

The benefits gained from Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Assemblage Point resetting include:

  • Reduced stress and tension in the body

  • Provides healing on all levels – Mental, Emotional, and Physical

  • Is a vehicle to self-awareness

  • Enhances the effects of medical treatment when used in conjunction with it

  • Helps to cleanse the body of energetic and physical toxins

  • Increases vitality and stamina

  • Enhances other body work and healing techniques

  • Enhances sports performance

  • Quickens healing time

  • Helps to change negative addictive patterns

  • Helps the individual to face life transitions

For best results, combine Reiki, Chakra Healing and Assembly Point Realignment into one session.


The word Reiki is made up of 2 separate Kanji. “Rei” meaning Universal, and “Ki” meaning spirit, energy or life-force. When the two Kanji are brought together, they can also mean “Enlightenment”. The most common definition of the word is “universal Life Energy”.

Reiki is a transfer of energy through the Reiki Practitioner to you. Reiki Energy is used to serve your higher self and cleanse your body of old, stale, heavy energy, that you know longer serves you.

Reiki can also help to release physical toxins from your body. To help this process you will need to drink 1.5-2ltrs of water to allow the energy to flow freely through your body and get to the stuck areas to help flush your system.

Reiki is not a quick fix to ailments you have or feel, rather it works with you to restore energetic balance and repair blockages, leaks and tears within our etheric field that can create disease and unhappiness.

Chakra Balancing

Once your Chakras have been reset and fully functioning, you may be able to feel a little different, on an energetic level, this you may be consciously aware of or not. This treatment will continue work within you and around you within your etheric field.

When our Chakras are not working at full capacity, we can become sluggish, stale and generally not our usual self.

Once your Chakras are balanced, we then check to see where your Assemblage Point sits within.

Assemblage Point Realignment

The Assemblage Point is one of the most intriguing aspects of the Human Energy Field. All Humans have one, yet we are often unaware of its existence.

The position of our Assemblage Point affects everything about us. It effects our appearance, our intelligence, our mood, our health, our way of experiencing the world, our response to ourselves, the environment, our interaction and relationships with others, our achievements, our beliefs and spirituality, our decisions.

The position of the assemblage point, which is the epicentre of energy within the human energy field, is essential to our psychological as well as physical existence. It’s position determines our physical health and state of mind as well as the state of other energy vortices within the body.

The chakras, glands, organs, systems immune, blood, nervous, digestive etc. our posture and complexion are all affected by the position of the assemblage point.

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